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 Carl Brooking - Resident Golf Professional

 - Members service.

 - Tournament planning & organisation.

 - Golf coaching services.

           - Lessons: Adult, junior, group, on-course, corporate, trick shots. 

 - She Loves Golf coaching programmes & facilitation. 

 - Dotgolf management

 - Golf club repairs

 - Golf cart management


Bottle Lake Junior Golf Coaching

Carl Brooking, our Golf Professional, manages the junior golf coaching on Thursdays from 4pm - 5pm during school terms. 

They learn all about how to swing a golf club, putt the ball in to the hole, chip the ball on to the green, pitch a ball from less than a full swing, play a bunker shot, and play on the golf course. 

These sessions regularly include etiquette and courtesies.

Some of the parents help out to pick up golf balls, or assist with some of the coaching too. 

Kids now recieve a polo shirt with the Bottle Lake Golf Club logo on the chest, including the sponsors logo (currently Melray Electric). 

Junior coaching is open to members and non-member golfers. 

Sessions are educational... and fun! 

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We have a small selection of golf accessories.

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