Womens Golf

She Loves Golf 

She Loves Golf is about creating enjoyable and social experiences for women of all ages to inspire a love for golf. We take away the intimidation aspect so you can relax, learn, and play fun golf!

You can be active and hang out with your friends at the same time, you have ‘Its ok rules,’ you can meet new people, and you can play as many holes as you like and you don't even have to keep score! 

There are events, promotions and opportunities to learn and play at clubs and driving ranges throughout the country, all tailored especially for women.

Here at Bottle Lake Golf Club, you can join a four-week learning programme with our Golf Professional, or join the 6’s & 9’s on-course playing evenings with many other budding women golfers managed by Canterbury Golf!

For more information, please contact Carl Brooking at pro@bottlelakegolf.co.nz or call 03-383-1403


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